Sambhav Jain


I was born and raised in the national capital of India – Delhi. My father had moved in from a small town in 1983 to set up a business in manufacturing and marketing of home appliances, and 30 years hence, it has grown into one of India’s largest ODM businesses for small electrical appliances. My father played a key role in inspiring me to pursue a career in technology, following which I earned a B.E. degree from Delhi College of Engineering, one of the top engineering schools in India. During this time, I finished my capstone project with Texas Instruments, and ended up joining the semiconductor giant as a sales engineer, in 2013. Over the next 30 months, I worked across 3 different cities in India and the USA and 4 sales roles, managing revenues over $10M for clients in 8 product segments. In Jan 2016, I joined my family business as a business development manager for new products, negotiating business agreements with vendors in China and promoting new products to customers across India and Europe.

Career Path

My choices have been solely inspired by technology. Through my experience at TI and my family business, I have garnered significant experience in commercializing innovation to bring disruptive products to market. My concentrations in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Kenan-Flagler resonate with my past experience and future goals. Post-MBA, I want to leverage my analytical mindset, skills in customer-focused product strategy, and cross-functional collaboration in a global marketing/ management role in the technology industry. I am very passionate about entrepreneurial values, and with entrepreneurship becoming a bigger part of our corporate culture, I wish to inculcate these values deeper in today’s businesses.

Interests & Hobbies

I am a self-proclaimed motorhead. In undergrad, I designed and built an F-1 style car and raced at the Silverstone F1 track (Trust me, it was intense!). I enjoy travelling, and have visited 11 countries… and counting. Lastly, I have dabbled in music production (unofficially) and intend to take up a formal course in the same field at UNC.