Namitha Raviprakash


Born and raised in India, I watched the Garden City of India, Bangalore, evolve into the Silicon Valley of India. Having always fostered a deep interest for the sciences, I decided to pursue Materials Engineering at National Institute of Technology, Trichy, home to some of the best technical minds in the country. An engager by heart, I was elected to lead several nation-wide social, technical and cultural events in college. The experiences brought on by these events created an eagerness to create impact on a business level, and led me to London School of Economics, where I spent a year gaining my Master’s degree in Management and Strategy. After LSE, the startup Signal Media proved the perfect step forward as I continued on my journey to work with teams that were testing the boundaries of innovation.  Signal uses Natural Language Processing to create the ideal personalized online reading room for executives. Since I joined Signal as a Marketing and Strategy Analyst in their ideation stage, I worked through the product’s technological as well as business challenges. Four years later, I’m proud to say that Signal has secured $1.8M in funding, been featured in prominent news outlets, and has received merger offers.

Career Path

Having worked for four years in a dynamic startup environment where I led, worked alongside, and learned from a geographically distributed cross-functional team, a Kenan-Flagler MBA was the ideal next step in my career. Going forward, I intend to build on my current knowledge base to create data-driven marketing strategies for the retail sector. My time working at Signal, as it grew from a 3-member firm to a 300-member firm, left me with several observations about co-founder dynamics. I am extremely excited to bring these observations to a quantifiable level as a Kenan Scholar. I hope to incorporate my observations and to learn more about how co-founders influence the health of a start-up through interviews and data analysis. This project not only fuels my observations from my past work experience, but helps me grow into the data-driven customer behavior centric role I hope to pursue in the future.

Interests and Hobbies

I believe in trying everything at least once. I love travelling to new places, exploring different cuisines and look forward to chasing the northern lights, sky dive off Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, and bungee jump from the Niouc Bridge this year.