Matt Dallhoff


I am a first year Kenan Scholar and a member of the Kenan-Flagler Class of 2018.  I bring to our team a passion for entrepreneurship and a drive to deeply understand how successful startups differentiate themselves not only through achievement of financial success, but through the influence and proliferation of new ideas and change throughout the world.  On this subject, I will be working with Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Chris Bingham, and UNC Ph.D. candidate Travis Howell, to research which factors and qualities are most common amongst strong and lasting co-founder relationships.  Ideally, this research will lead to methods for entrepreneurs to more effectively and efficiently identify strong co-founder candidates that best complement skill sets, working styles, and visions.

Career Path

Prior to joining the Kenan-Flagler family, I earned my degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia and spent the ensuing four years working as a Management Consultant in support of the federal government.  Most recently I supported several U.S. Military programs while with Accenture, evaluating the effectiveness of various mental health and wellness programs for soldiers.  I embarked on my MBA journey at Kenan-Flagler to gain experience developing marketing strategy, and to package this new skillset along with my consulting and engineering experience to launch into the world of startups and entrepreneurship.  Though I do not have my world-changing idea yet, I am preparing myself to act as soon as inspiration strikes!

Interests and Hobbies

Outside of work and school, I enjoy writing, the outdoors, and writing outdoors – I am currently working on a guided journal for aspiring entrepreneurs to get the most out of their unique passions, talents, and resources through targeted self-reflection.  I am an avid sports fan (a troubled supporter of Washington, D.C. teams), soccer player, and HBO TV-series buff. I am truly honored for this opportunity to become a Kenan Scholar, and will do everything I can to make the most of this opportunity and to continue progressing the Kenan Institute towards our mission of a truly free society.