Greg Fontaine


I am originally from Western Massachusetts and chose to attend the United States Military Academy for my undergraduate degree, earning a B.S. in economics and subsequently commissioning as an officer in the Army upon graduation. Over the past eight years, I have served as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, platoon leader, aviation company commander and operations officer. Throughout my tenure in the military I deployed once to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan for a total of 32 months in combat. I enjoyed operating in a dynamic and volatile environment while gaining exposure to many different cultures.

Career Path

My choice to seek an MBA from Kenan-Flagler represents a logical transition from military life to corporate America. The program allows me to shore up my business acumen and knowledge of industry best practices, while learning from the experiences of my peers and applying new concepts to real world problems through myriad practical application programs. I am interested in pursuing a career in operations because I enjoy the breadth of mission and range of experience to be gained.

Interests and Hobbies

As an avid outdoorsman, I enjoy hiking through national parks, single-track mountain biking, snowboarding, lifting weights and running. Most of all, I enjoy catching up on lost time with my wife Jasmine and my dog “Pre” Fontaine.