Center for Digital Enterprise & Innovation


The Center for Digital Enterprise & Innovation is a research partnership between its corporate partners and academic researchers at the Kenan-Flagler Business School and collaborating universities around the world for the purpose of both understanding how innovations in digital technology are changing the nature of competition and supporting the digital transformation of corporate operations worldwide.


Digital transformation has become the ultimate challenge of business today because it impacts not only industry structure and strategic differentiation, but all the processes and activities that form an enterprise’s extended supply chain. Increasing “digitalization” is transforming manufacturing, retail, and government organizations alike. Organizations are harnessing new technologies and new sources of data—from big data to social media—to rethink how they design, develop and deliver their products and services to their customers.  Today’s leaders are only starting to understand the unrealized potential of this transformation.  Tomorrow’s success will depend on their ability to leverage these new digital technologies into new business models that achieve results.


The primary operating model of the CDEI is an industry-academic consortium that brings together companies on the digital frontier with experts within the academy.

The consortium will:

  • Provide a forum for industry and the academy to share best practices and real-world experiences in digital transformation. Bringing together technology leaders from both the private and non-private sectors with the researchers in an academic setting provides a powerful catalyst for the exchange of information and change.
  • Provide a conduit for the academy to gain an inside view of the “digital” battles that are being waged within and across industries today. Technology companies are leading change on the digital frontier—developing and implementing new technologies in a time of rapid technological advance.
  • Offer our corporate partners the latest academic research and thinking on the increasing influence of and convergence of factors such as globalization, finance and sustainability on their digital business models, as well as the world economy.
  • Serve as a source of industry data for empirical research by the academy (and doctoral students) to explore how new digital business is changing the foundations of global competition. We anticipate developing a data portal for non-proprietary data that can be used to assess and evaluate the trajectory of digitally-led change. See Resources below


The research activities of the Digital Enterprise & Innovation Lab will continue to support both corporate and academic partners alike. The Center enjoys a strong reputation for “out-of-the-box” thinking and has longstanding corporate partners that support its work.  Maintaining our leadership role at the frontier of innovation in digital business requires that we continue to conduct innovative and independent research within the Center.

Specific functions of the CDEI Lab are:

  • Continue to develop state-of-the art digital tools and technologies that enable our corporate partners to implement their digital strategies;
  • Continue to engage is applied research , including research collaborations with KFBS faculty and other academic partners, in support of the mission of the Center;
  • Create an open-source platform with an online repository of both public and private large-scale data and other relevant content such as case studies, educational modules , and other knowledge; and
  • Build an online network of corporate partners and academic collaborators to facilitate the exchange of this data, knowledge, expertise, and contacts.


Noel Greis

Noel Greis, PhD, Director, Digital Enterprise and Innovation, is an expert in global logistics and supply chain management and has won numerous awards for her research on logistics, global operations strategy, technology management, and technology commercialization. More


Monica Nogueira

Monica Nogueira, PhD, is Director of the Digital Enterprise & Innovation Laboratory at the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise. More


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