Launching Speed Language Learning

Monday, April 25, 2016

Strolling through the streets of Spain as a tourist, have you stumbled upon phrases such as:

  • “¿Cómo está?”
  • “Bien, gracias. ¿Y usted?”

Or, while doing business with Spanish clients, have you heard sentences such as:

  • “Estoy aquí para una conferencia?”
  • “Estoy aquí de negocios?”

And, have you ever felt like learning Spanish to feel a part of such conversations? What if we told you that you could pick up such phrases in a fun way, and all in an hour?

“Speed Spanish Learning – a unique event in jeopardy format to make language fun,” was the first language series launched at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School on April 13, 2016. Hosted by second year MBA student Ayman Kotob, and sponsored by the Kenan Institute and UNC Global Business Center, this session was filled with games, buzz, and learning.

Participants were split into teams of six. At the start of the session, cue cards were distributed to each team, and members were asked to memorize the Spanish phrases on those cards. Each team was then guided by a “language expert” who taught members how to pronounce the phrases. The language experts were second year MBA students, Javier De Santibañes, Michael Shelhoup, Miguel Garcia-Ochoa and Alvaro Pro-Risquez, who are all native Spanish speakers.

This activity was followed by a competitive quiz round during which the teams were tested on their newly learned sentences. The quiz show was also interspersed with several ‘Spain’ and ‘Spanish’ related kick-off & bonus questions that made it even more interesting and intriguing.

The winners were presented with a Spanish phrasebook and dictionary. And, of course, there was free food creatively served in plates of red and yellow- colors of Spain’s flag!

If you missed this session, here’s a sneak peek into some Spanish phrases, bonus and kick-off questions (scroll down for meanings and answers).

And, don’t miss the next session to learn another new language!


Phrases (translate from Spanish to English):

  • ¿Dónde está el baño?
  • Doble en la esquina
  • Buenos días
  • Es precioso, ¿no?
  • Eso estuvo muy bien
  • Gracias por su tiempo

Bonus Questions:

  • Name a Spanish automobile brand
  • Which Spanish monument was used as a filming location for a Star Wars movie?

Kick-off questions:

  • T or F: Spain is a constitutional monarchy
  • T or F: Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language in the world
  • In what year did Spain win the FIFA World Cup and where was that?
  • Name 3 cities in Spain



  • Where’s the bathroom?
  • Turn at the corner
  • Good morning
  • That’s beautiful, isn’t it?
  • That went very well
  • Thank you for your time

Bonus Questions:

  • Seat
  • Plaza de Espana (Episode 2: Attack of the Clones) 2002

Kick-off questions:

  • True
  • False- it is the 2nd most spoken language (as of 2016)
  • 2010- in South Africa
  • Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla (among other choices of course!)