MBA Classes of 2009 & 2010,

On behalf of the Kenan Institute, I'd like to update you on recent and upcoming events at the Kenan Institute. As an MBA Liaison, I will be writing to you periodically to fill you in on some of the key MBA events you may have missed and to let you know about new opportunities within the Kenan Institute.

MBAs with international travel plans invited to assist with World Heritage site impact study
The UNC Center for Competitive Economies (C3E) sent MBA students with international travel plans over winter break as paid analysts assessing economic data from United Nations World Heritage sites. The MBAs include: Jing Zhou; Edward Moseley; Alison Kimenker; Will Mendoza; Kazuma Tamura; and Elizabeth Paxton. World Heritage (WH) sites are cultural or natural locations of special merit recognized by the UN. There are currently 878 such sites listed in 145 countries. While the intent of the program is primarily conservation, it is expected that such designation can also lead to increased tourism and therefore an economic benefit. See project description details.

C3E was asked by a UN advisory group to design and lead a global assessment to clearly establish the economic impact experienced by archaeological sites recently added to the WH list. To do so, C3E is identifying a number of such sites with enough information to determine the economic impact of their WH listing.

The center will continue its research going forward. MBA students interested in participating in Mod III, Mod IV or summer study abroad or internships abroad should contact Kenan Institute outreach director Lingmei Howell or C3E director Brent Lane.

As a research analyst, a student will meet with officials of a WH site to discuss the information available on that site's economic activity both before and after their listing. You can identify World Heritage sites in your travel region at and suggest the site(s) most accessible to you.

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General Mills consumer insights internships open to Kenan-Flagler MBAs

Kenan-Flagler MBA Class of 2001 alumna Amy Perloff visited the Kenan Institute Nov. 18 for a luncheon presentation on opportunities with General Mills Consumer Insights department, which focuses primarily on market research. Students interested in a Consumer Insights Summer Internship with General Mills should contact Amy directly at

For details on the internship, visit the Kenan Institute student opportunities page. For additional questions about the opportunity, contact Kenan Institute outreach director Lingmei Howell at

MBA Intern recruiting under way for Thailand Tsunami recovery initiative
The Kenan Institute hosted an information session Nov. 20 on the Tsunami Recovery Action Initiative (TRAI), featuring institute Director John D. Kasarda, UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communications professor Patrick Davidson and 2008 TRAI MBA interns Elise Hamilton and Passanon Chintongprasert.

The brown-bag session provided an overview of the TRAI objectives and history, concluding with an overview for the application process for prospective 2009 interns.

During the brown bag, Davidson shared the outputs of the Andaman Rising project, a documentary effort featuring many aspects of the Thai culture.

In the summer of 2009, the Kenan Institute anticipates sending more interns than ever before - seven to eight BSBA interns and six to seven MBA interns -to Phang-nga to engage in local tourism-recovery efforts. Application deadline is February 28. For more information contact Kenan Institute outreach director, Lingmei Howell. See internship descriptions details.

APPLES recruits volunteer MBAs for marketing consulting
Kenan Institute held an information session with representatives from the APPLES Service-Learning Program on Dec. 3 with the objective of recruiting a group of motivated MBA students to aid in the development of a marketing and PR strategy.

After a very competitive selection process, Dawn Norvell and Michael Talplacido have been chosen to lead the project, which will run in Mod III. Congratulations on your selection! Michael and Dawn will work with a team from APPLES including two undergraduate student leaders, Hannah Yin and Kelsey Kusterer, and APPLES Director, Jenny Huq. Huq said, "we are very excited for the opportunity to work with such professional and skilled MBA students. The expertise and resources they provide will be invaluable to APPLES as we develop a public relations and marketing strategy." See project description details.

For more information on the APPLES Service-Learning Program, visit

STAR teams head out to shape business on a global scale
Synonymous with the start of Mod 2 at Kenan-Flagler is the start of its well-known STAR (Student Teams Achieving Results) Program, and this year already shows promise to be one of the most high-impact in terms of student engagement, community impact and global reach. The program is led by the UNC Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) under the direction of Lynn Gerber, and it sends teams of MBAs and BSBAs to build strategies for corporations and not-for-profits seeking to strengthen their global competitiveness. STAR teams receive academic credit for their four-month engagement and guidance from a faculty advisor.

Over the evolution of the program, the STAR projects have expanded into two groups - Domestic Business Projects and Global Business Projects. This year, the program has more than 20 projects touching the gamut of industries, from a N.C.-based alternative energy initiative to workforce-development program at a diamond mine in Sierra Leone.

As in the past, the 2009 STAR teams will be truly building our brand as they translate what they have learned in the halls of Kenan-Flagler into real-world strategies that will help shape the face of business on a global scale.

Supply Chain Club visited IBM's Retail Innovation & Green Solution Center
The Kenan Institute and the UNC Kenan-Flagler Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) Club arranged a visit to IBM's Retail Innovation and Green Solution Center Nov. 17. Since these centers are normally exclusively for IBM clients, this was a special visit designed for Kenan-Flagler MBA students.

The IBM staff warmly welcomed the students. Tim Carroll (vice president, IBM Supply Chain Operations) opened the visit by briefing the students on IBM's business vision, structure, and current situation. The tour encompassed an overview of both centers. In the Retail Innovation Center, the students observed how IBM's latest technologies and new business solutions work in a simulated retail environment. In the Green Solution Center, IBM representatives presented the revolutionary IBM server, which shows how high performance can be achieved while still maintaining high energy-efficiency.

This visit not only promoted the strong relationship between the Kenan Institute and outside business partners like IBM, but it also demonstrates great collaboration between the institute and the GSCM club. Students who are interested in more company visits or supply-chain-related activities should subscribe to e-mail updates from the GSCM Club (

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