MBA Classes of 2008 & 2009,

On behalf of the Kenan Institute, I'd like to update you on recent and upcoming events at the Kenan Institute. As an MBA Liaison, I will be writing to you periodically to fill you in on some of the key MBA events you may have missed and to let you know about new opportunities within the Kenan Institute.

Casino Night
The Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise and the MBA Student Association (MBASA) Social Committee hosted Casino Night on Dec. 7 at the Kenan Center to raise money for the Kenan-Flagler Habitat for Humanity project.

Nearly 500 people enjoyed a community-building night of live music, casino games and auctions to support "The House That Kenan-Flagler Built." A total $13,164 was raised from tickets sold to faculty, staff and sponsors and $11,791 raised from silent and live auctions. Net profits of nearly $17,000 will be donated on behalf of UNC Kenan-Flagler and the Kenan Institute.

Some auction highlights include a pick-up soccer game with Olympic gold medalist Carla Overbeck for $600, a dinner and exclusive concert at Dean Hofmann's home for $1,750, and a wine tasting at Dean Jones' home that went for a record-breaking $2,700!

Coordinators of Casino Night would like to thank everyone, especially the volunteers, who helped to make the event possible.

View more photos from Casino Night 2007 at

BAB - Latin America
Nearly 30 students attended the inaugural Business Across Borders panel discussion on Oct. 23, 2007. This panel addressed the current business environment in Latin America by discussing potential business opportunities and constraints facing each of the major Latin American economies. Panelists also suggested ways that MBAs could prepare themselves to work in Latin America.

Panelists were:

  • Alan Capper president of Capper Associates, former Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi's global public relations and communications firm and former advisor to the Argentinean government.
  • Mark Andrews, regional sales manager for Latin America and the southwestern United States for Digital Audio Corporation and a UNC Kenan-Flagler graduate, class of 2001.
  • Zak Paster, founder and president of Community in Action, a nonprofit assisting at-risk residents of Rio de Janeiro and a Kenan-Flagler KFBS student.

Also scheduled but unable to attend due to illness were Ron Scheman, former United States executive director of the Inter-American Development Bank, and Brent Lane, UNC Center for Competitive Economies (C3E) executive director.

If you are interested in pursuing a career either in Latin America or with Spanish-speaking consumers in the United States, I encourage you to review the Spanish and Portuguese foreign-language classes offered by UNC-Chapel Hill's Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), located in the Kenan Center. You can also make an appointment to meet with CIBER staff members Lynne Gerber or Terry Kale.

If you would like to read more about economic development in Latin America and the impact of globalization on the important relationships between North America, Central America and South America I would encourage you to read L. Ronald Scheman's book Greater America: A New Partnership in the Americas in the 21st Century.

BAB - China
The Business Across Borders: China panel will take place in mid-February. The night before the panel, there will be a public lecture by Christine Vick, vice president of the Cohen Group, who provides consulting service for multinational corporations and has extensive experience with the Chinese market. Christine is expected to discuss the future of doing business in China given recent strategy and leadership changes in Chinese economic policy. There will be a reception in the Kenan Institute following her speech, and a small student dinner with Vick following the reception. The Wednesday panel is expected to include representatives from a multinational corporations, alumni and current students who have or currently transact business in China.


IBA Panel - Globetrotter Seminar - Chile

The IBA (International Business Association) hosted the first Globetrotter Seminar on Tuesday, Nov. 27. The goal of the seminar series is to have international students discuss their home country. The first seminar, sponsored by the Kenan Institute, featured Tomas Borzutzky talking about the virtues of his home country, Chile. Nearly 40 people attended the event where they learned about Chile's geography, demographics, culture and business opportunities. Tomas also provided travel tips for students interested in traveling to the country. After the seminar, traditional Chilean hot dogs were offered.





Tsunami Recovery Action Initiative - TRAI
MBA students learned about the history of Kenan Institute Asia's Tsunami Recovery Action Initiative at Nov. 13 event. Kenan Institute Director Jack Kasarda spoke of his involvement in the project since its inception, 2006 intern Joey Marra spoke of his experiences in putting together a documentary film about the beach area in which KIAsia works, and 2008 intern Marisa Glassman spoke of her experiences helping the local tourism association market itself to potential foreign tourists. Two-to-four MBA internship spaces will be available for Summer 2008 Please look at the Kenan Institute Student Opportunities website, as well as Job Postings in Enterprise in coming months for details and deadlines.




Did you ever wonder what challenges entrepreneurs face in eastern North Carolina? Nearly 20 Kenan-Flagler students have taken the opportunity to find out. During fall break (Oct. 18-19) a group of students were paid to interview high-growth entrepreneurs in eastern North Carolina. Two-person MBA student teams traveled to meet with entrepreneurs on Thursday, Oct. 18, and again on Friday, Oct. 19, to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced in starting and growing their companies in that part of North Carolina. Each team conducted two interviews per day, staying overnight in the region on Thursday and returning to Chapel Hill Friday evening. Students were paid an hourly wage plus meals and lodging. On Nov. 9, Betty Chung, Jennifer Rietfors, Anu Kohli, and Will Mendoza shared their experiences with an appreciative Kenan Institute board of Trustees.

More interviews will be occurring in the spring, so if you would like to participate in similar research and earn a few dollars, please contact Lingmei Howell at or Brent Lane at ,or visit the "Student Opportunities" page of the Kenan Institute Web site,



iMalls International Practicum
Corporate executives from iMalls held an information session Oct. 23 for Kenan-Flagler students interested in participating in an international practicum. The goal of the startup is to "bring opportunities for global commerce to emerging markets in the Americas and the World." This two-module practicum (Mod III & IV) will focus specifically on a pilot launch in El Salvador and will include travel to Central America during spring break.

After a rigorous selection process, Zak Paster, Sebastien Bert, Elizabeth Paxton, Enrique Bolanos, Sophia Lopez and Vitali Strok were selected from among approximately 20 prospective candidates.

If you would like to know more information about iMalls, please visit its Web site at


New Liaisons
The Kenan Institute would like to introduce to you the newest members of the MBA Liaison family: Patrick Bentle and Suzanne Zweben. Most of you have met or have had an opportunity to interact with our four current second-year MBA Liaisons: Marisa Glassman, Andy Lottes, Jeremy Riberdy, and Gaurav Singh. In response to strong interest from our first-year MBAs, the Kenan Institute extended positions to the first-year students this fall. Through a competitive application process, Patrick and Suzanne were selected.

Along with Patrick and Suzanne, we look forward to working closely with all of our MBA student leaders, as well as continuing their efforts to enrich the MBA experience.

As always, please check out the various activities and opportunities at the Kenan Institute at or contact Associate Director Lingmei Howell or any of the MBA Liaisons if you have any questions.

Jeremy, Andy, Marisa, Gaurav, Patrick, Suzanne


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